A Life of Painted Dirt

by Monica's Last Prayer



Brand new album for 2012.


released April 9, 2012

all songs written and recorded by Paul Broome
in Staffordshire, UK - March 2012

except 3 & 5 - March 2011 and December 2011,
remixed March 2012

mastered by Heather Broome

13 - remix by Miles Fender / streetlightfarm.com
14 - remix by Roger Fracé / tmitg.com
15 - remix by Paul Broome

Special thanks to Miles for the remote mixing advice




Monica's Last Prayer UK

Monica’s Last Prayer are a post-punk project founded in 1993 and based in central England. Spear-headed by principal member Paul Broome, their sound varies from release to release - ranging from upbeat gothic/darkwave to introspective nu-gaze.

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Track Name: The Last Word
ceremony to the memory of a figure from your past
tracing fingernails across the skin
pray for it to last
she didn't speak to him
she kept it buried in a box inside her heart
for all the time they spent just blindly circling
they were never more apart than now
Track Name: Candyfloss
find another pillow to talk to
sweetness is a virtue of thought
track another villain to torture
she wants you

candy has a pill for all seasons
candy is as sweet as they come
sucking on a straw at the disco
she wants you, she wants you

she wants you, she has to dictate
she wants to find the point at which you break

candy never does what she ought to
never missed a trick in the book
bringing armageddon down on you
she wants you, she wants you

beauty's deeper than the skin
she will dig out all the love that hides within

all that glitters is not gold
isolation makes you cold
blind devotion blind belief
too much sweetness rots your teeth
Track Name: Revolutions
another country, another cause
you ripped the pleasure from my fingertips with force
emancipation, the fast road to my heart
your twisted manifesto takes the sting out of your art

one by one we are coming to find you
two by four and the power to blind you
come the revolution brother
come the revolution brother
one by one we are coming to take you
nine mile stare and the power to break you
come the revolution sister
come the revolution sister

no diplomatic solution left
your facile promises have spiderwebbed my chest
asphyxiation, the c.s. gas in you
hard-kettled my emotions
symptomatic through and through
Track Name: Kiss Chase
see a figure in the corner of your eye
a face that makes no sense
a space to occupy my son
a place to pitch your tent
you've gotta run, run, run
feel the burning in your thighs
do not stop for breath
because there's interest owing on your dreams
and a target on your chest

watch the vision revealed
see your mission is clear
bring it down
bring it down to its knees
live in the gutter and sing for your supper
kiss chase
don't bite the hand that bleeds

see the figures they fall so fast now
that everything's for sale
a new born wrapped up in red tape
a life condemned to fail
you've gotta run, run, run
to the apple of your eye
but do not eat your fill
because the sore taste waiting for you
is the bitterest of thrills
Track Name: Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold
this world's a battlefield, waiting to explode
took one step to the left
straying from the road
but I can't take this (what I need to see)
I can't use this (what is good for me)
I can't be the fool you want me to be

slowly creeping through the night
whispered voices in the hall
alabaster face of misery and wonder
singing out hosannas to the wolves inside the wall
something borrowed, something blue
something screaming in the old abandoned attic room
starve a fever, feed a cold
no mistaking what is every known is never told

she placed her hand in mine, led me to her door
one thousand reasons
why I'd not been here before
but she can prove this (what I need to see)
she confuses (what is good for me)
she won't be the fool you want her to be
Track Name: Painted Dirt
hold me back, pin me down
I can't be held responsible when he's around
his smile makes my blood boil
his teeth I will break
and unlike him I keep the promises I make

we vote them in, we vote them out
placate our anger, paper over every doubt
I question your motives, your personal aims
it seems you have much more to lose
than we can gain

you may represent our towns
but you bear no resemblance to the folk I see around
a life of petty crime, full of painted dirt
shovelling it down our necks
will not quench our thirst

you clear the stage, fix the deck
a hundred screaming insults hung around your neck
eponymous name-checks in internet bars
plot your progress and success on tv charts
Track Name: Sleepless Beauty
see her moving under disco lights
she's a sleepless beauty gonna dance all night
got a bass drum kicking out inside her heart
she's a slice of heaven, she's a work of art

sleepless beauty come and lose some sleep with me
there's a time to dance, a time to run
a time for company

trace of bitterness inside the room
jealous creatures in the deep, deep gloom
strobe lights bouncing off her pale white skin
where others stop is where she begins

sleepless beauty come and lose some sleep with me
there's a time to dance, a time to run
a time for company
we don't have to dance forever
we only have so long
how can anything that feels so right ever go so wrong?
Track Name: Mirrorplay
a single shot rings out in a sleepy suburb
on a still and silent night
a big man fell on a heap of rubble
and he breathed the last of life
a single tear was shed, a single resolution
to speak his name no more
and when the sun came up above the institution
the end was all they saw

just another mirrorplay

so if you see a figure on the noon horizon
reflecting in the sun
waste no time looking for a false messiah
turn your heels and run
for there can be no doubt, there can be no issue
that your hours on Earth are few
with every minute gone, with every second passing
she's closing in on you

you're not the first to go this way
just another mirrorplay

all forgotten in the blink of an eye
just a sentence in the pages of the book of life
Track Name: Various Abrasions
little angel don't you cry
I kept your secret locked inside
they won't find it amidst the clutter and the junk
the depression and the funk
and the proceeds of my crime
I have one minute to tell you of the things I have found out
before I'm shipped away and locked up for all time
it's for the best you know, my life is built on lies

fight with me, they can't discipline our pride
it doesn't have to be explosive
we can build the fires, set this world alight

the abrasions on your skin
serve to commemerate the sin
you were a victim then, and we are victims still
but it's not you that's sick
it's them who make you ill

fight with me, we can blow them all aside
it doesn't have to be explosive
we can build the fires, set this world alight

fly with me, make your dreams come true in time
it doesn't have to be explosive
we can build the fires, set this world alight
Track Name: Stiletto
it was a cold, dark, damp december
much like the one just gone
her name I don't remember
but I still hear her laugh
wasn't she praying?
I think that's true
what was she saying?
I never knew
but I could feel her resignation

one time take me down to the crossroads
I've got a soul to sell down there
if the devil doesn't want it then I'll put your name on it
and leave it in your care

if I could pull myself together
then I could tear your world apart
but you can reach much higher in your six inch heels
and you have stowed away my heart
is the tide turning?
it never will
is the strain showing?
enough to kill
twist stiletto knife inside my body
Track Name: Alarm Will Sound
one step forward, two steps back
navigate between the cracks
keep on moving 'cause the only truth is nothing really lasts
time isn't friendly
it isn't fair
shake your fears off and fight the righteous fight for those who care
the fires are burning
the fires are bright
the river is winding under pale moonlight
take your places, learn your lines
this is the prime time

no - I'll not permit this
no - your place be damned
no - you won't usurp this
no - alarm will sound

the time to act is close at hand
now contra-opinion has been banned
object to signify commercial targets of commercial brands
the image is fading
the image you held so precious from your childhood
lighting up your life with flames unfanned
the fires are burning
the fires will boil
the river is drowning under coughed out oil
take your places, take them fast
let's objurgate the past
Track Name: The Lake
"see the body of christ is falling
into the lake" I heard them cry
see the morals on Earth recoiling
see them fly
to the lake
I hear the crack of the ocean
to the lake
I see the flash in the sky
I hear the sound of a million angels pass us by

if the only choice is sink or swim
carry me down to the deep
I've been fighting all my life
where has it gotten me?