rising and falling and ceaselessly crawling
like your self-respect does when he comes a-calling you
on the floor
sister you’re burning and your world is turning
but you’ll fall right off it if you don’t start fighting him
tooth and claw

you’ve never asked for much before
the cross is painted on your door

clashing and fighting and thrashing and biting
hold on to your hat son there’ll be no avoiding her
your time has come and there’s no time to run
the distractions you nested in and you invested in
help no one

you’ve taken all you’re going to take
you hold no cards but raised your stake

I held you back down just to be complete


from Wolves in the Streets e​.​p., released February 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Monica's Last Prayer UK

Monica’s Last Prayer are a post-punk project founded in 1993 and based in central England. Spear-headed by principal member Paul Broome, their sound varies from release to release - ranging from upbeat gothic/darkwave to introspective nu-gaze.

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