by Monica's Last Prayer



released March 28, 2011

written and recorded by paul broome, march 2011
backing vocals by heather




Monica's Last Prayer UK

Monica’s Last Prayer are a post-punk project founded in 1993 and based in central England. Spear-headed by principal member Paul Broome, their sound varies from release to release - ranging from upbeat gothic/darkwave to introspective nu-gaze.

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Track Name: Revolutions
another country, another cause
you ripped the pleasure from my fingertips with force
emancipation, the shortcut to my heart
your twisted manifesto takes the sting out of your art

one by one we're coming to find you
two by four and the power to blind you
come the revolution brother
one by one we're coming to take you
nine mile stare and the power to break you
come the revolution sister

no diplomatic solution left
your facile promises have spiderwebbed my chest
asphyxiation, the c.s gas in you
hard-kettled my emotions, symptomatic through and through
Track Name: Nach Innen
I never thought that it could happen to me
I thought my head was clear
I thought I knew exactly how it would be
I thought my path was clear

but she invited thoughts of anger
she invited thoughts of lust
she intrigued me with her danger
gained admission to my trust

I never felt that it could happen to me
but my will has disappeared
and now I'm falling deeper...

I thought the walls I built were higher than her
but she found her way in here
and now she drags me deeper...
Track Name: House in Flame
house in flame in a world of ice
never gonna see it again
head's on fire and my shoes are wet
where there is a blame there is shame
never gonna find a god as good as me
no deity could be this tame
time to call all the favours in
find another group to blame

another world, another place where we could find
a way to live in peace with all our thoughts combined

white turns black when the fire is out
never gonna see it again
I have no doubt that they're on their way
now their only fuel is hate

they'll burn it down, and dance around us shooting blame
they will not rest, until our houses are in flame