Wolves in the Streets e​.​p.

by Monica's Last Prayer



◄designed to be enjoyed at high volumes►


released February 2, 2013

written and recorded 4►12 january 2013

all songs▬paul broome

mixed►printed to tape►mastered▬miles fender
at the streetlight farm, ca

additional vocals and input▬heather



all rights reserved


Monica's Last Prayer UK

Monica’s Last Prayer are a post-punk project founded in 1993 and based in central England. Spear-headed by principal member Paul Broome, their sound varies from release to release - ranging from upbeat gothic/darkwave to introspective nu-gaze.

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Track Name: Format Wars
a dark night and a lost soul
a new companion from another world
i get the feeling we won’t make it back this time
you never know what you’re going to find
or which convention it will hide behind
but a new horizon is a sight worth looking to see

a black heart and a dead soul
an invitation to oblivion
the same faces staring back at me
i used to think i was looking for love
but it was purpose I was looking for
and i can see that you never believed in me

your heart, your soul, your intellect
you document your life to death
seek affirmation from your peers
like minds to drive away your fears

take it, take it fast – take it, take it slow
you’ll never get to heaven ‘til you lose control
and the one you burn for is the last one who should know
take it to the east, take it to the west
hide the real feelings beating in your chest
and no one feels rejected when the tape ejects

i see it turn and i want it all
from your 3-piece suite to your mobile phone
it’s the same old news and the same old facts
he’s vhs, I’m betamax
Track Name: Tooth and Claw
rising and falling and ceaselessly crawling
like your self-respect does when he comes a-calling you
on the floor
sister you’re burning and your world is turning
but you’ll fall right off it if you don’t start fighting him
tooth and claw

you’ve never asked for much before
the cross is painted on your door

clashing and fighting and thrashing and biting
hold on to your hat son there’ll be no avoiding her
your time has come and there’s no time to run
the distractions you nested in and you invested in
help no one

you’ve taken all you’re going to take
you hold no cards but raised your stake

I held you back down just to be complete
Track Name: Leber Leber
leber leber I believe in you
because you’re never fooled by what the others do
leber leber you believe in me
because my ship don’t sink in your raging sea
leber leber got to pull it back
every beat you break is a heart attack
leber leber you’re overdue
let the whole world see what you can do

you’re a one man masterplan

leber leber with your hipster scope
gonna take them all out in a single blow
leber leber’s not an instant fix
but we can make it feel better with a single kiss
leber leber’s gonna leave the block
because you’ll never happy ‘til you lose the flock
leber leber no self-restraint
gonna take you all to heaven on a bullet train

and the world won’t see you again
Track Name: Wolves
deaf mutts surround me
and hopelessly bind me
in taffeta, velvet and lace
I have no reflection, no sense of direction
drugged and left here in disgrace
I have no purpose or no home
I have nowhere to go
they fed me vodka, fed me wine
and threw me in the snow

there are wolves in the streets
there are wolves in the home
there are wolves in the afterlife
chewing on your bones

lying there freezing
all battered and bleeding
my shirt ripped and covered in paint
a girl took me in on a hunch and a whim
like an angel or some kind of saint
with no introduction, no hint of seduction
she lavished my body with praise
I had no purpose or no home
I had nowhere to go
she took my money, took my phone
and threw me in the snow

there are wolves in the streets
there are wolves in the home
there are wolves in the afterlife
chewing on your bones
there are wolves that will stalk you
when you're all alone